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Live 2 Day Property Investing Workshop

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pradnumyaThe Workshop was brilliant! The amount of information I got I think I can quite easily save about 200k just from knowing what I’ve learnt today, I think that’s why everyone has to go.

What key ideas and strategies did I learn from the workshop? top one was interest only loans and how you can repay your mortgage in 10 years, and in some cases under 2 years.

The other one was structuring your trusts to minimize your risk and the amount of tax you pay and the final one was actually how to buy property without spending any money, it was brilliant.

~ Pradyumna, Mooroolbark, VIC

fred-and-jennyJenny – We’ve really enjoyed the day, it’s been really illustrative of what’s available and there’s some good quality properties and the knowledge has been tremendous coming from the team, Konrad, Craig and yourself and also Stephen McClatchie.

Fred– We certainly thought there were some very good ideas about how we could invest out money and make quite a lot out of property, hopefully in the future.

Jenny – So it’s good to see, interesting to see an entrance in the market so looking at the forward 500 thousand dollar up to 600 thousand dollar properties which is great, so that’s a good entrance area that is doable for us and I guess doable for the other people here, so it’s a great way to start and it’s nice to have your hand held by people who’ve been there and done that and had a lot of experience that they’ve had and want to share that so it’s been great.  Thank you.

~ Jenny & Fred, Mount Waverly VIC

gaganHi my names Gagan from Cragieburn and it was a big pleasure to see you guys very professional helping us to start investing in properties and stuff and I already feel confident that we are as a first home buyer and stuff you know we have not much knowledge but after attending two days session I feel more confident and I know I’m around good people and a good team.

~ Gagan, Cragieburn, VIC

michaelHi my name is Michael, I am a carpenter who’s looking to get out of the building industry and I’m from Glen Waverly. I wanted to get out of the construction industry and I have a passion for finance, im wanting to get into the finance industry and my partner bought Konrad’s book online and as a result of her interaction with him I got a ticket to come to the event today.

(The Workshop) was a brilliant use of time, a lot of strategies I’m just starting to realize that maybe not having a lot of money in your bank account, you can still own property if you follow the key strategies that were provided in todays seminar. For me it was about the strategy and realising about the power of leverage.  I guess for me it was from my background from my parents I was always told to get the 30 year mortgage and now I’m realising that there are other avenues that can open up the market and accelerate your growth and expansion, very interesting stuff.

I would recommend this to anyone who has a keen interest in property.

~ Michael, Glen Waverley, VIC

wesHi my names Wes, I’m from Narrie Warren South, Berrick Springs, the day today has been really good, it’s been a lot more relaxing than yesterday.  Yesterday we took in a hell of a lot of knowledge and it’s definitely changed my thought on property investment that’s for sure.

I’ve already started with my first property and realised that I’ve done everything wrong so now I have to change all my structures and figure it all out.

That’s about it from me, it’s been a great day, enjoyed today as well.

~ Wes, Narrie Warren South, VIC

Hi my name is Greta Lilley, I’m semi-retired and I used to own a big design company, I do have a few investment properties but there is always more to learn.  One of the messages today was “you don’t know what you don’t know” and in different stages of your life you have to keep reviewing things and that is why I am here today.

The information that you get at this seminar is absolutely priceless and if you follow the formula you can’t lose.

It’s a risk free way of doing things really if you follow the formula.  You have to be set up and if you are set up you have to have the right team and this is what give you access to the right people.  I’ve tried to get the right people together on my own and it’s really difficult to find lawyers and accountants who understand the whole process.

~ Greta, Melbourne, VIC

Hi my name is Tamara, I’m from Ivanhoe, Melbourne, Victoria and I attended the event and I found it really helpful.  Mostly it is geared at people who are looking to get started with the Fast Track system that’s is getting you towards an investing position and most of the strategies were quite invaluable.

For something that is free of cost, it is an unbelievable investment.  Yes I would recommend it and I already have recommended it to several people.

~ Tamara O’Dowd, Ivanhoe, Accountant

My name is Mick, I’m from Beaumuris, very informative weekend, has sort of opened up a whole different mindset for me, my wife, my kids for financial freedom for the future.

I think anyone who wants to get serious about a better lifestyle maybe not for themselves but for their kids, absolutely.

~ Mick, Beaumaris, VIC

My name is Kristina and I’m from East St Kilda, I’ve been involved in this programme for this weekend and it’s been very exciting for everyone, very informative and very initiative for the average person.

This property finance seminar has been very very informative for the average person it opens up many opportunities, especially the concept of owning property with very little up front contribution and the prospect of looking forward to your retirement with you having accumulated quite a number of properties to finance your retirement, that’s probably what was most appealing to me.

I would absolutely recommend this program to everyone out there, absolutely.

~ Kristina, East St Kilda VIC

Hi, my names Ray and I’m from Fitzroy, I’m a full time property investor and I’ve just been to a 2 day property information weekend which I found extremely rewarding and what I got out of it was that even though I have been full time property investing for 15 years, there are strategies that I haven’t been following and I realize to be more successful in what I’m doing like a ‘Nadal’ or a ‘Federer’ who all have coaches, I need to get a coach or a mentor as well.

I believe I have found the right people to be my mentor so that I can take it to the next level so I would definitely recommend this program to anybody who is looking at getting involved in property investment and anybody who is looking at creating long term wealth and subsequently financial freedom.

~ Ray, Fitzroy VIC

Hi, my name is Beata, I’m from Wyndam Vale, I came on to this event without realising how much I didn’t know about investing properly and I’ve learnt so much more I’ve leant how to maximise the money you borrow and I’ve learnt how to make that money work for you to buy other properties.

I would defiantly recommend somebody else to come and attend this, in fact I’m going to try and drag all the people I know to come and attend it because, you don’t know what you don’t know until you know!

~ Beata, Wyndam Vale VIC

Hi guys, my names Serita and I’m from New Zealand, I have currently moved to Melbourne.  What can I say about the course, incredible.  The amount of information you will learn is mind blowing.  I sat there and in was writing everything down and then to be told afterwards that I was going to be getting a USB with all the information already on it, I was like thank god!  Because the amount of seminars I’ve gone to and missed information is just you know, too much information was lost to be able to be told I would have that and able to take it home was incredible.

The team here are very genuine, they want to help you.  I felt looked after the whole weekend, I would be able to take away all the information and the USB stick and come tomorrow which is Monday, I’m going to hit it hard, I’m going to go over all my notes.  Konrad gave us his free book, I’m going to go over all my notes then meet up with the team and start getting to get my own A team and the A team will all be all Konrad’s team.

So what more can I say, you’ve got to come, it’s the best 2 days I’ve spent in probably a good few years and the most laughs I had as well because the people that who come are very like-minded and are very happy and positive so it’s a good environment to be in, you won’t be disappointed.

~ Serita, Melbourne, VIC

My name is Julie, I’m an accountant, and I’m from Keysborough, South East Melbourne.  I’m a beginner level investor in property and I think that this 2 days weekend is very worth the time investing and has changed my perspective in investing in properties and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in property investing.

~ Julie, Keysborough VIC

My name’s Ian, I live in East Hawthorn, I’ve spent the weekend here at this seminar and I thought it was fantastic.  I really really enjoyed the presentation by Steve Mcclatchie on finance, very very good and I recommend anyone to come to this presentation for a weekend because you’ll thoroughly enjoy it, especially if you are interested in real estate.  It was brilliant.

Thank you.

A Rare and Exclusive 2-Day Real Estate Investing Fast-Track Weekend Workshop, with Some Serious Sleeves-Rolled-Up, Close-and-Personal, Street-Smart, Elite Property Training…

Class Room Workshop

Finance, Asset Protection, Cash Flow Analysis

Property Due Diligence

Full Day Bus Field Trip

Including a FULL DAY BUS Tour; Due Diligence and Research Field Trip... Putting all your knowledge into Real World Action

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is NOT a Pitch Fest event where speakers will sell their products off stage. In fact there is nothing you can buy over the weekend so you don’t need to bring your credit card…

Here’s a Sneak Preview of What You Will Discover By Attending This Unique 2 Day Live Event:

  • On the 1st Day you’ll discover advanced property investing strategies and learn specific real estate finance and due diligence methodology that will give you the confidence and skills to start building your property portfolio as soon as you leave the event.
  • Insights on how to understand property cycles, state by state, and exactly how to hone in, with laser-like precision, on Melbourne’s Hot Spots in 2019 and beyond.
  • How to identify I will also show you the exact type of properties, i.e. house and land, townhouses or apartments to target in these areas, and why….
  • You will learn how to potentially slash years and tens of thousands of dollars off your current 30 year Principle and Interest home loan.
  • You will learn how to best structure your first investment property acquisition, wherein you maximize your tax deductions, and tap into the power of leverage.
  • You will learn how to beat the banks at their own game by understanding the exact formulas that the banks use to work out how much money you can borrow, (Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR).
  • You will learn 18 Powerful Ways to ‘Super-Charge’ your borrowing capacity that will enable you to buy more property than you ever thought possible.
  • You will learn the ‘19 Crucial Questions’ to ask in order to choose the best Mortgage Broker in the industry.
  • You will learn the ‘12 Most Common And Deadly Property Finance Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them’.
  • You will understand the importance of balancing your property portfolio between Cash-Flow Positive properties and Negatively-Geared growth properties.
  • You will learn how to get 1% plus discounts off your standard variable loan rate, save thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest payments and wipe years off your loans…plus much, much more.


The 5 Ways that You Can Buy Property with NO MONEY DOWN include:

  1. 10% Deposit rebate from the developer at the settlement of the property.
  2. 10% Gifted deposit from the developer when buying property.
  3. Long Term Settlement, Off-The-Plan and settling on the Valuation, not the Contract Price.
  4. Residential Lending plus Personal Loans in order to obtain 100 percent Finance.
  5. Equity Partners and Joint Ventures (JV’s).



Gainsborough House

Level 1 / 8-12 Alma Rd,
St Kilda VIC 3182

Full 2 Day Event

Sat Registration: 
8.30 am
Sat & Sun Start: 9.00 am
Sat & Sun End: 6.30 pm

Steven, Konrad, Cameron and Stephen
Konrad Bobilak
To: Aspiring property investors wanting to learn how to build a multi-million dollar property portfolio from scratch.

From: Konrad Bobilak – Real Estate and Finance Expert, Author.

Subject: An open invitation for 40 qualified investors (beginner or advanced, doesn’t matter) to attend a rare and exclusive 2-Day Real Estate Investing Master-class (including a research field trip bus tour) where you will gain the skills and specialized knowledge that will enable you to build your own multi-million dollar property portfolio from scratch…

Dear Fellow property investors,

If you’re someone who dreams about owning a large residential Investment property portfolio which will enable you to potentially attain Financial Independence then this will be the MOST IMPORTANT letter that you’ll ever read, and the most important 2 day live event that you can attend!

I know that you may be skeptical about this claim, and if you’re anything like me 20 years ago, chances are you’re the person who scratches their head in frustration and wonders how other people seem to make a fortune in the property market, when you’re left out in no man’s land floundering…and that’s why this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read, that will enable you to take advantage of a very unique educational opportunity!

You’re about to discover a PROVEN Step-By-Step Real-Estate Investing System that is easy to follow and makes so much sense I promise you that by the end of reading this letter you’ll be wondering why nobody has told you about it before. In-fact, you’ll be mad at everyone around you that has been putting doubts into your mind about the possibility of your owning millions of dollars in property – I know, like you, I have been there myself.

One thing that I must stress is that this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, and I guarantee that you will NOT become a millionaire overnight by following this system.

I am not going to insult your intelligence or make unrealistic claims.

But here is the reality check…

If you have EVER dreamt of retiring early with a lucrative passive income and lifestyle…

Retire early
Property Portfolio

And If your plan was to create a successful property portfolio to achieve this… then you’d better start making some smart moves right now.

There has been a lot of scaremongering in the main stream media lately prophesying ‘Armageddon’ and a ‘Blood-Bath’ in the Australian Property Market.

But this is nothing new… We have seen these types of doom-and-gloom predictions before in the media since the 1960s.

As recently as 2018, these ‘so-called-expert’ predictions (by the likes of Harry Dent, Dr Steven Keen, etc), that the national Australian Residential market would fall by up to 40% in 2018 were widely prophesied, but as in previous occasions they clearly did not eventuate.

What has occurred, which to a large extent has been anticipated by educated property investors and qualified property commentators, is that our national housing market continues to move through to the next stage of the property cycle, with Melbourne being currently at 8:00 pm on the Herron Todd White National Property Cycle Clock.

Why Melbourne house prices could surge by nearly 20 per cent in 2020.

House prices in Sydney and Melbourne are expected to surge by up to 17 per cent next year following a record slump.

Real estate data group SQM Research is forecasting price rises in every state capital in 2020, with lending rules now relaxed and interest rates at an all-time low.

In the event the Reserve Bank of Australia cut rates again by Easter, to a new record low of 0.5 per cent, Melbourne property prices would skyrocket by 12 to 17 per cent as Sydney prices zoomed by 11 to 16 per cent.

This would more than reverse the record slump in real estate values that began in 2017, but there are fears the recovery might not last.

Sydney and Melbourne were far from the only cities tipped to enjoy price increases next year should interest rates be cut again by a quarter of a percentage point, in line with financial market pricing.

Values were expected to rise by six to nine per cent in Hobart, four to eight per cent in Canberra, four to seven per cent in both Brisbane and Perth and one to four per cent in Adelaide.

Darwin, however, was predicted to buck the trend, as house prices fell by one to four per cent.

SQM Research managing director Louis Christopher said a recovery in Sydney and Melbourne house prices since the middle of 2019 was expected to continue next year with interest rates at a record low and immigration remaining at high levels.

‘These factors are expected to drive the national housing market into 2020,’ he said.

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s relaxation of lending rules in July was also expected to underpin a real estate recovery.

Banks are no longer required to model a potential borrower’s ability to repay a 7.25 per cent standard variable rate.

Standard variable mortgage rates have since fallen below three per cent, after the Reserve Bank of Australia in October cut the cash rate to a new record low of 0.75 per cent.

The downturn in Sydney and Melbourne began in 2017 after the APRA imposed stricter rules on investor and interest-only loans.

This saw Sydney’s median house price dive by more than 17 per cent, from the peak in July 2017 to the trough in mid-2019.

While the banking regulator’s restrictions were this year eased, Mr Christopher said the Sydney and Melbourne property markets were still overvalued.

‘We have some misgivings on the sustainability of this new recovery,’ he said.

‘Sydney and Melbourne are rising from an overvalued point.

SQM Research said Sydney and Melbourne prices could remain flat if the US trade war with China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, escalated and the RBA cut interest rates to zero for the first time ever

So remember this, the residential property market is driven to a large extent by emotional and often irrational owner-occupiers, not investors. And these individuals don’t care where we are in the property cycle clock, or what return they are getting on their property, they are moving there for emotional reasons, i.e. jobs, children’s schools, community, etc.

Here is the unbreakable formula that determines the level of capital growth in an area;

High Capital growth is always determined by strong demand by the right demographic (high income earning), combined with scarcity of stock (i.e. St. Kilda, Elwood, Kew, Brighton, Elsternwick, Toorak etc.)

The reverse of this true for low-capital growth.

Low Capital growth is always determined by strong demand by the unfavorable (low income earning) demographic, combined with unlimited supply of stock! i.e. Point Cook, Truganina, Tairneit, Melton, Berwick, Pakenham, etc.

So what’s my prediction for the next 2 to 3 years as we enter the decline of the National Property Cycle Clock?

Well, it will be no different than the last 3 years, wherein there will be an apparent transfer effect, seeing the redistribution of wealth from the uneducated to educated property investors.

Educated property investors, who possess the right skillset, to conduct unbiased due-diligence and market research, will identify undervalued properties and snap them up…at a discount.

Conversely, uneducated individuals and newbie property investors, who lack any skills or ability to conduct unbiased due-diligence and market research, will be influenced by the largely uniformed (and predominantly broke) media commentators, who maintain that the market will crash by 40% plus and that ‘Property Armageddon’ is just around the corner.

At the end of the day, you will have to make up your own mind on the outcome of the Australian Property Market, and whether or not it is ‘safe’ to invest.

Invariably, some will go the way of Chicken Little, assuming ‘the sky [or market] is falling’, catastrophising their way to quiet desperation.

Others will proceed with caution, evaluating the true situation, recognizing the excellent prospects before them.

Personally, I advise you to pause and be wary of the hysteria – it has been the source of regret for so many Australians, who, after realising their lost opportunities, have now been forced to swap their old mantra for a disheartening new one; “If only”.

So instead, do this: go out, buy a helmet, and the next time ‘The Oracle’ hollers that the sky is falling, look up, look down, and realise, it’s just an acorn.

So let me ask you a question, do you have the skills and knowledge to correctly identify the very best long term capital growth areas in Melbourne right now?

And yet despite these favourable market conditions…

They pretty much DO NOTHING!
They stay confused – and confused minds never take action!

That’s why so many people suffer years of grief and regret from missing out on property booms… They let fear be the dominant driver.

Follow along…

Given the Australian property market is historically one the fastest ways to become wealthy in this country, yet only a very small percentage of the home-owners have managed to buy over 6 investment properties…

Here’s proof…

Individuals interest in rental properties

According to the latest figures from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) show that 71.6% of Australian property investors own just 1 investment property.

And most everyday investors buy in their neighborhood…or they buy because they like the look of a property. In other words… they are emotional or sentimental reasons for buying.

Smart savvy investors don’t play that game.

We want to show you how to capture maximum capital growth with rare investor-friendly terms.

Okay, question time…

Would you like an in depth understanding of exactly how these investors build, structure, and automate their multi-million dollar property portfolios?

What’s that? You do? Good. Well, now you can…

Simply reserve your seat at the next Real Estate Investing Fast-Track Weekend Workshop in Melbourne, the dates are below;



Gainsborough House

Level 1 / 8-12 Alma Rd,
St Kilda VIC 3182

Full 2 Day Event

Sat Registration: 
8.30 am
Sat & Sun Start: 9.00 am
Sat & Sun End: 6.30 pm

Steven, Konrad, Cameron and Stephen
It’s time to enter the exciting world of property investing… Introducing the…


A LIVE 2 Day interactive event that is designed to teach you the ‘Blue-Print’ of how to
build and structure a multi-million-dollar property portfolio from scratch that has the
potential to replace your income and eventually free you from work!

Including a FULL DAY BUS Tour; Due-Diligence and Research Field Trip…
Putting all your knowledge into real-world action while looking over an experts shoulder

Now before we dive into how this exclusive training (and full-day bus field trip) will exactly work… Do yourself a favour and read this information carefully.

Don’t just skim over it.

This is a personal invitation from me and the team which could make a MASSIVE difference in your investing endeavours… and FAST!

First the facts:

This is not for everyone!

We can only teach 40 people, and you have to qualify via a phone call from one of our property investing consultants first.

Don’t worry… There is no prejudice towards super educated investors or anything like that… A complete rookie can qualify just as easily… But you do have to be approved first.

However, just so you have an idea of what to expect, let me unpack this out for you…

Enough talk… time to show…



Before deciding to run this 2-day event, I had to make sure I partnered up with the “Best-Of-The-Best” educators in the country.

Someone who not only talks the talk, but walks to walk as well!

And when it comes to knowing all the intricate elements of smart property investing, there’s one guy who was at the top of the list – head and shoulders above anyone else…

Consisting of 2 days, over 14 hours of practical ‘How To Do’ content is delivered by one of Australia’s foremost Real Estate experts and professionals;

Let me introduce you to the speaker line up at the;

Speakers at the Real Estate Investing Fast-Track Weekend


Cameron Fisher

Cameron Fisher

Director of Changing Places Real Estate

Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent, Qualified Valuer

Konrad Bobilak

Konrad Bobilak

Director of Investors Prime Real Estate

Author, Real Estate And Finance Expert, International Speaker

Stephen McClatchie

Stephen McClatchie

Director Loans Australia

Lending Specialist, settled over AU $790 Million in loans

Cameron Fisher

Director of Changing Places Real Estate
Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent, Qualified Valuer

Cameron Fisher
Cameron is the Managing Director of Changing Places Real Estate...
and he has many qualifications that make him a top figure in the real estate market. These qualifications include: fully licensed real estate agent, qualified valuer, over 3,000 successful (and dynamic) auctions, adviser to leading Institutions, accountancy practices, and law firms.

Cameron’s services are used worldwide and his qualifications serve to demonstrate his extraordinary skill set. In this incredibly competitive industry, few can even compare to Cameron. His pioneering approach and upbeat personality make him a perfect choice for those leasing, selling or buying.

The Australian premier of “The Money Game” only offered more proof that Cameron Fisher is by far one of Australia’s elite entrepreneurs. He took on the challenge of going against Australia’s best and conquered it with surgical precision. Never was this more apparent than the challenge in which he was given $10,000 and told to turn it into as much money as he could within 55 hours. Using his impressive skill set, he turned the $10,000 into $65,466 within the 55 hours.

If you are a landlord, or buying or selling a property, then Cameron Fisher should be the only name you are thinking of.

Konrad Bobilak

Konrad Bobilak

Director of InvestorPrime Real Estate
Real Estate and FinanceExpert, Author

Konrad has educated well over 120,000 Australian’s...
on how to successfully build and structure a multi-million dollar property portfolio from scratch that has the potential to replace your income and eventually free you from work!

When it comes to building a property portfolio the “RIGHT WAY” you will know you’re in the best hands. Konrad has extensive experience in Managed Funds, Risk Insurance, Real Estate Sales, Commercial Lending, Residential Lending, and Asset Finance, as well as being a Financier for one of the four major banks. In his variety of roles, working predominantly with high net worth individuals, Konrad has literally had a wealth of exposure to the unique mindset and financial structures of truly successful people and investors. It is his experience and insight that renders him a most astute investor himself, having personally built a multi-million dollar property portfolio in Melbourne and Queensland over the last decade; he truly practices what he preaches.

Konrad’s unique insights into ‘Wealth Psychology’ combined with a highly specialized knowledge of the Finance and the Real Estate Industry in Australia, have made him a sought after Real Estate and Finance ‘Key Note’ speaker and successful real estate investor. Having taught tens of thousands of people in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, Konrad has had the unique opportunity of sharing the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, and Randi Zuckerberg in audiences of up to five thousand people. Konrad has also been a regular contributor of articles to some of Australia’s leading published real estate investing media.

Stephen McClatchie

Director Loans Australia
Lending Specialist, settled over AU$790 Million in loan settlements

Stephen McClatchie
As the Director of Loans Australia my vision...
is to create a company with the systems and structures designed to ensure that clients make the most of their finance situation to propel them forward. Having dealt with many investors and business owners with complex financing structures I understand the importance of setting up finance structures that can assist people to build a property portfolio or asset base. I specialise in showing people the most effective ways of mortgage structuring, strategic financing, management and mortgage selection. My passion is to educate people around finance so that the knowledge and know-how of clients is enhanced over time.

Outside of my business I enjoy property investing and have developed my own property portfolio over the last 15 years. I also enjoy spending time with my family, participating in sports such as tennis and cricket, and supporting my football team.


These 2 life-changing days are split into two separate days, with each day split further into different segments. Each segment builds on the information contained in the previous session.

Here’s a closer look;


class room

Part 1: The Psychology of Successful Property Investors

The morning session of the workshop will be dedicated to what is perhaps the most important essential ingredient in building wealth though property, being – Investor Psychology. Based on the Pareto Principle, when it comes to property investing, 80 per cent of the formula can be attributed to having cultivated the correct mindset or Investor Psychology and the other 20 per cent can be attributed to what I refer to as Specialized Knowledge.

Investor Psychology will mean different things to different people, especially when it comes to the world of property investing, given that there are so many approaches and strategies that exist in this realm of investing. Having said that, it’s worth noting that there are some commonalities linking all these investors, and their approach to property investing, and it has more to do with what belief systems they adhere to and how they do things. As Wallace D Wattles put it in his famous book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’, the rich get rich by “doing things in a certain way” not by doing ‘certain things’. In other words, it’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it, and that’s what gets results.

Part 2: Crafting your Personalized Property Investment Plan

One of the most important aspects of building and structuring a large residential property portfolio is to Start with the end in mind. That is, you must have an exact strategy or Blue-Printthat is concise and all-encompassing before you start investing in property. Many investors get into a lot of trouble because they simply never clearly articulated and mapped out a concise strategy to begin with. Or they end up buying the wrong type of property, such as a serviced apartment in Queensland, studio apartment with living areas less than 50 square meters, or an apartment in a high density development, and most likely end up selling that property within 5 year, realizing a small profit and in most cases breaking even or a loss.

The first thing that you must appreciate is that you will go through 3 distinctive stages while you are building your property portfolio;

  1. The Acquisition and building stage;
  2. The Consolidation and refining stage,
  3. And the Harvesting stage;

These stages will vary from investor to investor, and will differ depending on investors personal Risk Profile, and time horizon for investing, as well as the amount of time, money or equity available.

In this segment of the event, you will gain a clear understanding of the importance of developing a personalized investment plan, based on your unique set of circumstances, and available resources.

During this segment of the event, you will also gain an understanding of the importance of creating Master-Plan blue-print, before you do anything else. That is, your ability to clearly identify your outcome and ultimate goal for building a large residential investment property portfolio.

Part 3: Advance Property Finance Strategies

This segment will be the dominant one for the day, and here you will learn that Investors with the right psychology tend to use an Optimized Loan Structure, which is one that allows the property investor to have maximum flexibility and control over every single property that they control or own, either via direct ownership or via a trust/company structure. That is, each property is set up as a Stand Alone facility, that is, only one loan is taken against one property, and hence none of the properties are cross collateralized, all consisting of a variable true Line of Credit, with no mandatory repayments, and a self-capitalizing component built in with the loan, preferably with separate lenders.

Furthermore, during this segment you will learn why investors with the right Investor Psychology tend to maximize the use of other people’s money, or OPM, that is, they use the maximum Loan to Value Ratio, say 95% and are comfortable paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) as they know that the most important aspect of investing is in assessing the Return on Equity (ROE) not Return on Asset (ROA).

Finally, you will learn why most successful property investors do not own any assets in their own name, that is, they use Trusts and Corporate Trustees to Control Assets rather than to Own Assets. And the rich NEVER risk their homes. They pay for advice, surrounding themselves with successful advisors, and are themselves Financially Literate. They focus all their efforts on accumulating Growth Assets, using Good Debts, or tax deductible debts, while avoiding taking on Bad Debts or consumer credit, which has no tax advantages to secure assets that devalue over time.

Part 4: Property Investor Analysis Software (PIA)

“You’ve got to know your numbers!” – That’s probably one of the most common pieces of advice you’ll hear from wealth (and RICH) property investors. – “You’ve got to know your numbers!” – And In this segment, you will learn how to calculate cash-flow analysis via Property Investor Analysis Software. The Property Investment Analysis (PIA) Program is an essential decision making tool for all property investors. It will analyse capital growth, cash flow, and tax implications for any investment property and provide instant feedback on projected after-tax cost and rate of return. The software will compute cash flow projections for up to 40 years and has facilities for changing more than 100 variables including property price, rent, capital growth, inflation, deposit and loan type. The internal rate of return (IRR) and the cost-per-week are recalculated automatically whenever a change is made.

In this segment of the Real Estate Investing Master-Class you will learn why your ability to use sophisticated property cash-flow analysis tools such as the Property Investment Analysis (PIA) Program will form a key determinant in your ability to succeed in the property investing game.

Part 5: PIA Case Study Examples (PIA Pro Version)

Time to watch it in action! At this stage you’ve learnt A TONNE of information, and now it’s time to look at how to piece it all together! In this segment of the event, you will be taken through real life examples and learn you how to use the Property Investment Analysis (PIA) Program in order to recognize the best property that you should be focusing on, based on your income tax bracket, cash flow, negative gearing benefits, depreciation schedules of different properties, debt service ratios, and the cost associated of holding different types of property.

This unique segment of the workshop is designed to create an open learning environment where you’ll walk away with specific knowledge of knowing exactly which type of property is best for you. Most novice investors find this segment of the event invaluable.

Part 6: Investment Property Due Diligence Criteria

Now we’re REALLY rolling up the sleeves. They say, “You’ll make your money in property when you BUY!” Meaning, if you buy right, the potential financial windfall could be enormous for you – however, if you buy at the wrong time or without proper due-diligence, you could be sitting on a lemon for a number of years! It all comes down to the RESEARCH!

So…In the final segment you’ll learn a step-by-step the exact methodology that is currently being used by successful property investors in order to scrutinize various property opportunities. Once you understand the process of conducting unbiased fundamental due-diligence the options for investment and suburbs of choice will dramatically reduce. This section in itself is literally invaluable, as you will learn how to discern between good and bad investment opportunities like a seasoned pro, it’s actually worth coming to this live event just for this section alone.

In this final segment for the day, you will learn the importance and implication of an investor’s depth of knowledge of their chosen area of property investing and the impact of this when it comes down to their level of success. Whether it’s property options, property development, subdivisions, buy and hold, flipping or renovations, the ultimate success will lie in the investor’s ‘grasp’ of the technical aspects of their strategy, in a given area of property, together with their detail and due-diligence or feasibility studies leading up to the deal.

The important aspect to appreciate here is that there is an immeasurable difference between knowing the talk and walking the talk. There are literally thousands of academics and theorists out there who possess the basic knowledge of the how to structure and execute the deal, but very few who actually implement the strategies. The difference lies in their lack of Investors Psychology – that crucial element of the equation that actually makes the investor take action. Without the why, the how is irrelevant, as there is no execution, hence the investor doesn’t make any money.

In essence, knowledge is not power, as knowledge without action does not equate to tangible results and money.

Which brings us to the most exciting part of the event, day 2, the live Bus Property Due-Diligence Filed trip.

DAY 2: Property Due-Diligence
And Research Field Trip

Field Trip
OKAY, now this is where the rubber meets the road (literally)… It’s time to transition from Theory to REAL WORLD street-smart practice!

During Day 2 of The Property Investing Fast Track Weekend, you and a small group (maximum of 40) of other property investors will be physically taken to some of the best performing suburbs in Melbourne on a luxury air conditioned coach, whilst being educated on exactly where to invest, and what type of property you should be focusing on in order to get the MAXIMIM CAPITAL GROWTH, in the medium and long term.

Imagine spending an entire day driving around Melbourne, being educated about hot spots and future boom suburbs of Melbourne and looking at why some areas have been successful in the past, while networking with “like minded individuals”.

An experience like this can absolutely fast-track you on your road to success…

So let me ask you a question…

‘Would you like to learn a system that will help you identify Melbourne’s top performing suburbs, as well as future growth hot spots?’

If the answer is an astounding ‘Yes’, then Day 2 of the Real Estate Investing Fast-Track Weekend is designed to help you gain the skill and awareness of how to conduct unbiased due-diligence on suburbs in Melbourne which will enable you to take your investing to the next level.

So here is the thing…

The most important aspects of buying an investment property is the future capital growth potential component, followed by rental income, and finally the tax benefits associated with the property.

When choosing a suitable investment property, care must be taken to make sure the property passes strict due-diligence selection criteria based on the principles which enable investors to identify properties that have a good chance of delivering consistent capital growth performance.

If we take Melbourne as an example, certain inner city suburbs in key areas have consistently outperformed other areas over a long period of time, in terms of capital growth.

As can be seen by the map below, based on the sales history of Melbourne suburbs sourced from the Valuer’s General Office, not all suburbs in Melbourne (within the 10km or 20km) performed equally between the period of 1986 to 2006.

So let me ask you a question…

‘Do you know what happened to the growth of these suburbs between 2006 and 2014?’

And perhaps more importantly…

‘DO you know where the HOT SPOTS will be in Melbourne in 2019 and beyond?’


‘Do you know the fundamentals that enable successful property investors conduct unbiased due-diligence and identify the best suburbs to invest in?’

real estate growth
You see, different properties perform differently in different suburbs. For example, a 1 bedroom high density apartment in Melbourne’s affluent suburb of South Yarra will not achieve the same level of capital growth as a 3 bedroom terrace house in one the leafy streets.

In the live filed trip segment of this event, you will gain access to a due-diligence criteria that you can use like a check list, in order to short list your preferred investment suburbs.

Here are the first 6 points, of the
43 point due-diligence check list…

This checklist will help you identify properties in the market place that are likely to have a higher probability of consistent double digit capital growth over the long term:

Here’s the first 6 for the 43 point checklist you will receive…


The suburb has had capital growth of at least 10 per cent over the last 10 years (RP Data)


The suburb has experienced low vacancy rates of 2.5 per cent or less (REIV)


The property is located close to the CBD, infrastructure, transport, shops, and schools


The suburb has had positive population of growth of at least 1 per cent (ABS)


The suburb has a rental yield of at least 4 per cent per year (REIV)


The property has a land component representing at least 50% of the value of the property (Based on Bank Valuation)

Chances are if your property ticks the above 6 points, you are on the right track, however, there are still many more due-diligence points that you will learn about during the second day of this amazing event.

Part 1: The Due Diligence Bus Field Trip

In this segment of the event, you and 40 other like-minded investors will be driven around Melbourne, in an air-conditioned Bus, though some of the best historically performing suburbs, as well as specific streets within those suburbs that have outperformed the average medium to long term capital growth average of the entire area.

During this session, you will gain a real understanding of the current market, not only where different segments of the Melbourne property market are in terms of the property cycle, as well as gaining the ability to uncover of population growth ‘Hot Spots’, understanding and identifying the correct demographics to target in a particular area, uncovering areas experiencing record low vacancy rates, and uncovering areas that are virtually guaranteed to rocket in terms of capital growth, well above the market average, medium to long term.

During this segment of the field trip you will gain an appreciation to a fundamental rule of investing that has been followed by successful property investors for decades, and that is;

‘Money can be made in real estate by both ‘time in the market’, and ‘timing of the market’.

Then, and this is definitely the highlight of the day…you will get to ‘Lunch and Network’ with likeminded individual sand other property investors.

Part 2: Lunch and Networking with Link Minded Individuals

In this exciting part of the day, you’ll have an opportunity to lunch with over 40 investors and you brainstorm and analyze real-life case studies, share in their ideas and experiences and devise new and creative strategies which will enable you to go to the next level. This will give you a real opportunity to create a true network of like-minded individuals around you, as Napoleon Hill called it your ‘Mastermind Group’.

They say that you ‘net-worth’ equates to your ‘network’…

During this segment of the event, not only will you get to meet and mingle with other ‘like-minded investors’, you will also get to compare notes on which consultants they are currently using, and have used in the past, and their level of success that they have had with them.

Remember that behind every self-made millionaire there is a team of ‘Experts’ that have been that person’s catalysts of success. The ‘Mastermind Group’ concept was formally introduced in Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic, “Think And Grow Rich” where he described the principle as:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

He continued on to say:

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

From years of observations and interactions with successful property investors and developers over the last decade, many have come to the conclusion that most successful property investors are necessarily themselves ‘experts’ in every single field of property investing, rather they become ‘generalists’, relying on their ‘Mastermind Team of Experts’ that they in turn leverage from for their expertise and knowledge. These consultants include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Your Property Solicitor,
  2. Your Mortgage Broker or Banker,
  3. Your Property Accountant,
  4. Your Quantity Surveyor,
  5. Your Property Valuer,
  6. Your Property Manager,
  7. Your insurance Broker or Financial Planner,
  8. Your Property Mentor.

During the second day of The Property Due-Diligence Field Trip, you will gain a unique opportunity to assemble your Team Of Experts, which will enable you to take your investing to the next level.

Part 3: On Site Due-Diligence and Property Research

Following your tour of Melbourne’s Hot Spots, you’ll be taken to a number of development sites around key suburbs in Melbourne, and you’ll learn how to conduct real ‘in the trenched’, due-diligence and research on site. Changing Places Real Estate has also arranged for you to meet and ask questions of the actual developers of each project. You’ll also receive a copy of a due diligence kit for every development, and you’ll you learn how to use the Changing Places Real Estate / InvestorsPrime Research Kit.

By the end of Sunday, you would have experienced and learnt what only a small fraction of the current pool of property investors in Australia know, and be well on your way to becoming a confident property investor with a lot more clarity and excitement of what’s possible for you!



Gainsborough House

Level 1 / 8-12 Alma Rd,
St Kilda VIC 3182

Full 2 Day Event

Sat Registration: 
8.30 am
Sat & Sun Start: 9.00 am
Sat & Sun End: 6.30 pm

Steven, Konrad, Cameron and Stephen
Actual Developments That Will Be Featured On Day 2 – The Bus Field Trip



FROM $855,000


$855,000 – $1,095,000

Sunshine Townhouses
Sunshine Townhouses



FROM $880,000


$880,000 to $1,335,000

Mordialloc townhouses
Mordialloc townhouses



FROM $870,000


$870,000 to $950,000

St Kilda Townhouses
St Kilda Townhouses



FROM $1,345,000


$1,345,000 to $1,370,000

Parkville Townhouses
Parkville Townhouses



FROM $1,030,000


$1,030,000 to $1,150,000

Bentleigh East
Bentleigh East

“OK Konrad… This Sounds Like it’s Going to Cost Me a Small Fortune! How Much am I Up For?”

Glad you asked…

Originally, the 2 Day Real Estate Investing Fast-Track Weekend was to be made available for $1,995.00, considering the top level education and mentoring involved…

Even at that price, it’s an absolute bargain in anyone’s language – and worth every cent!

Not to mention, many people have paid TWICE that much for similar events with other companies.

In fact, if we look at the ROI (Return on Investment) you could make by putting this training into action, it could EASILY be worth $20,000 in the short terms, and more than likely, hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe even millions) over a lifetime… So we could easily charge $2,000 or even $5,000 for this truly life-changing education, and you’ll still be laughing all the way to the bank.


Our intension isn’t to make it as easy as possible for you to enter this exciting world of property investing. So in a temporary moment of, some would say, insanity! – We’re letting you attend for FREE!

And get this…

So what’s included in your ticket?

Well, apart from the million dollar hands on intimate training, and first-class bus tour, you’ll also get a FREE Digital copy of my book ‘Australian Property Finance Made Simplevalued at $19.95 plus a complementary personalized property investment strategy session by one of our senior property consultants.

You’ll walk away with a step-by-step blueprint (design to suit YOUR situation) so you can fell safely confident on what path to follow.

Our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

Still sitting on the fence?

Okay, I’m going to attempt to take every single excuse away from you…

Especially the money excuse.

So, here’s the deal…

If after the end of DAY 1 you don’t feel you got your money’s worth, then let us know at the end of the day, and I will happily reach into my pocket and give you $97 cash – as a way of saying sorry that you felt we wasted your time, and you can keep a copy of the book as well.

Konrad has done so many of these types of events that he’s lost count – and there has NEVER been anyone EVER ask for their money back –

That’s how good this is!

So click on the link below right now to see if you qualify to be one of the exclusive 40 investors who join us on this incredible 2-Day experience…

So who is this ideally for?
This Exclusive 2-Day Weekend is perfect for you if…

You are a ‘first home buyer’...
wanting to understand the very best loans that are available for you and how to best structure your finances in order to repay your home in record time, often in under 10 years. During this event you will learn why it’s crucial to set up the correct loan structures before you buy your very first investment property, and how to use the banks money at no cost in order to reduce the amount of interest that is being charged on your home loan.

This will cut years off your home loan and save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life of the loan. You will also learn how to build equity in your property faster than you thought possible, and how to best structure your first investment property purchase correctly.

You are an ‘aspiring property investor’...
wanting to buy your very first investment property, and are unsure on how to best structure your loans. During this event you will learn the best way to optimize your property portfolio structure from day one, revealing many little known loan structuring techniques that maximize your borrowing capacity, whilst maximizing flexibility, future access to equity, as well as being tax effective and minimizing risk.
You are an ‘established property investor’...
and have secured between 1 and 5 investment properties, but have hit a financial ‘brick wall’ and are maxed out, or just unsure of how to go to the next level of sophistication. During this event you will learn how to beat the banks at their own game by understanding the ‘exact formulas’ that the banks use to work out how much money you can borrow, the Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR),’
You are an ‘established property investor’...
and have realized that you have made some fundamental mistakes in the way that you’ve structured your property portfolio due to ‘bad advice’. If something has held you back from aggressively acquiring more property, such as allowing lenders to ‘crossed collateralize’ your property portfolio, or you have an impaired credit file, have an irregular stream of income, or are simply using ‘antiquated’ Principle and Interest Loans (P&I), you must read this. During this event you will gain an insight into the industry’s ‘best practices’ that have been applied by other successful property investors who have built and structured multi-million dollar property portfolios. This event will dispel all the industry arguments of what is considered ‘good’, and ‘bad’ loan structuring, specifically from the ‘investors perspective’, and secondly, you will learn how to fix your mistakes and align yourself with lenders who understand your needs and requirements.

Strictly Limited Places Available! (Only 40 Investors Allowed)

Let me remind you of the URGENCY here…

This page will be seen by over 11,000 aspiring investors who are equally as keen and motivated as you…
However, we have space for 40 people ONLY – You’d better respond quick, or there’s a very high risk you’ll miss out.
This is strictly a first-in-first served basis, so if you want get a head start on all the other THOUSANDS of property investors out there, then click the button below to see if you quality…

“Procrastination Stopper”

What I must warn you about is the dangerous emotional cancer of procrastination. I find when somebody knows that “x” is the right thing to do but requires them doing something out of the ordinary, they play a game with themselves…. they set everything aside to “think it over” or take care of “a little later”. Beware!!

I’ll tell you something, successful entrepreneurs do NOT engage in these mind games and delays.

“Action” is the key my friend…

I hope you choose to do the right thing for yourself and your family… and that your future becomes all that you want it to be and MORE!

And just imagine…in the near future, instead of getting up early and battling the traffic, you wake up when you feel like it, with a smile on your face because you know that you have achieved financial independence through your property portfolio…

What’s The NEXT STEP?
You have two choices;

Keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing until now and pray that someday, a rich Uncle remembers you in his will… or that your numbers come up in next week’s Lottery… Or spend months and years learning the property investment game the long, hard (and sometime expensive) way through trial and error… OR…
Keep doing what you've always been doing
get the education
Take the BAND-AID approach and rip it off quickly in one go! Get all your education and practical experience done in one 2-day intensive weekend! Click on the link below and grab this opportunity with everything you have!
Commit to making it work knowing that you’ll be backed by the best education available and the best team of qualified experts cheering for you and encouraging you to succeed the whole way!

This 2-day Real Estate Investing Fast-Track Weekend will be nothing short of life changing for the lucky 40 qualifiers…

Looking forward to meeting you on the weekend…

To your success,


P.S. This is possibly the best (and smartest) way for you to quickly take advantage of Australia’s property Investing market and discover everything you need to know to grow a successful property portfolio fast!

P.P.S. You’ll get THOUSANDS of dollars of REAL WORLD value and experience over this weekend – learning from some of Australia’s elite educators – PLUS a spectacular “fly-on-the-wall” experience on Day 2 where you can look-over-the-shoulder of a LIVE property assessment and due diligence field trip! – Be sure to click the button and reserve your spot today!

P.P.S. Remember… SPOTS ARE LIMITED TO 40 Investors ONLY! This is strictly on a first-in-first-served basis, so book your place now to avoid missing out.



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